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Willow Cottage is a special place and we will keep fond memories of it. From the first day our daughter joined Willow we felt welcome. It's not just a childcare, it's a community. The teachers are caring and attentive to every child's needs. The program they develop and the activities offered are enriching and diverse so every child has an opportunity to learn and grow. 

We have met wonderful people thanks to Willow and it holds a special place in our hearts.

- Aline 
(Child attended - 2019-2020)


Willow cottage is a unique and extraordinary community.  This is a result of the amazing teachers, carers and staff that make Willow cottage a nurturing and loving home during the day for all the children. Our son spent 4 years at Willow cottage starting in the Baby Room with the most genuinely warm and loving teachers that I didn’t want him to move into older rooms. However those concerns were put to rest when I saw that the Toddler and Preschool Room teachers were just as wonderful.  Our son looked forward to going to Willow cottage that provide a culture that combines love, patience, kindness, education, discipline and care.  We never worried about our son when he was there.  We can’t thank Willow Cottage enough for the remarkable work caring for our son. We miss them immensely.

 - Bindu  and Nick  
(Child attended 2017-2020)


Willow prepared our daughter for school (and life) in so many ways. The calm and caring nature of each educator was second to none. It is a wonderful, supportive community - for child and adults alike. 

- Annabel
(Child attended 2019-2020)


Willow Cottage is wonderful – it’s the sort of place you dream exists for your children to be when you can’t be with them.  Both of our babies had the joy of going to Willow Cottage from the Babies’ Room right through to graduation from Preschool and every moment was a pleasure.  The team at Willow are loving, fun and provide the most incredible environment for children.  Every day that I left my children at Willow, I did so with every confidence that they would have fun, learn, and be loved and safe.  As an added bonus for parents, the drop off and pick up always allowed a chat and a cuddle with the staff and they have become genuine friends of ours.  We treasure the time we had at Willow and will keep the days and the people warm in our hearts forever.  There aren’t sufficient words to describe how highly we recommend Willow Cottage – it is the absolute best.

- Rowena 
(Children attended 2014 -2019)


When we first started our journey at Willow Cottage, little did we know the significant impact it would have in our lives. Having had two of our boys there over a three year period, we cannot speak highly enough of the care they received in the most wonderful nurturing and educational environment. We are incredibly grateful our time at Willow Cottage.

- Sam

(Children attended 2017-2019) 


From the very first interaction with Willow cottage when I was reviewing a number of childcare options for my daughter, I knew this was a special place, and over the four years that we had the privilege of being part of the Willow community that sentiment only grew stronger and stronger.  

 It’s not easy for anyone to leave their children in the care of others, but there is enormous comfort in knowing that they are in the safest hands possible, and that was our experience of Willow Cottage every single day. This is not a centre where you’re constantly learning the names of educators. The staff are absolutely at the heart of Willow Cottage and the same beautiful teachers were there consistently over our time there. Families at Willow Cottage become part of a community that is nurturing, supportive, open and generous and we have made friendships that will last the test of time. And, when the time came to leave and start school, both parents and children were well supported and prepared for the next chapter.  

 I couldn’t recommend Willow Cottage highly enough, and feel truly lucky to have had this incredible village support our family during this critical chapter of life. 

- Amy
(Child attended 2016-2019)


Thankyou so much for the past six years - for taking such great care of my two children.
It was with a sense of relief that we secured a place and that same relief and gratitude has been felt ever since.

We have loved our time at Willow - knowing the staff who have been consistently there, nurturing, educating, securing a sense of place for my children who absolutely loved it. The peace of mind knowing that my children are happy, well looked after has been priceless. It has felt like a home away from home - which it has been for us, with family overseas.

We have made some great friends over the years!  Always grateful and thankful for everything you have done! 

- Nicola and Sean 

(Children attended 2014 - 2019)


Our son spent 2.5 years at Willow cottage starting in the toddler room and then moving to the Preschool room. We feel lucky that he has had such warm, nurturing and stimulating care during his time with Willow. As soon as I walked into the comfortable, clean and homely feeling rooms I knew that it would be a great place for him to grow and thrive. The educators are welcoming, patient and encouraging in their approach to learning. They provide space for the child to develop their ideas and thoughts, provide support with their specific needs and  interests. Willow Cottage's team is managed by an amazing Director in Geraldine, a warm, attentive and insightful person, who takes time to know the children and always has the children's best interests at the fore.  In communicating with us, Geraldine and her staff have always been approachable, open and professional. The combination of these elements made all the days we had to leave our son in their care, so much easier. Thank you Willow! 

- Sue
(Child Attended 2017-2019)


My son always look forward to going to Willow cottage and often refuses to leave when I pick him up at the end of the day because he was having so much fun with all his friends. His educators are all so attentive and very well trained. A special mention to Kirsten, Elmira, Neda and Chloe for looking after Alex so well. I was most impressed when my 4 year old son named all the planets of our solar system to me one evening... and when I asked who he knew, his response was 'I learned it in daycare today!' WOW.....  

A big thank you to Gerry and Katie for supporting me during the last year years. As a single parent, life is always just a little bit more challenging. They provided me much needed extra days when I needed to cover and their professionalism in detailing with single parenting matters are second to non. 

I highly recommend Willow cottage to any families who is looking for a quality center who looks after our child like their own and feel like you are part of the family.

- Melody
(Child Attended 2018-2019)


Thank you so very much to Willow Cottage and all the incredible staff for the last three years. We will miss the beautiful morning greetings from all the lovely staff and the incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere created by the team for all the children. Indi has loved her time at Willow Cottage and will miss it dearly. 

- Prashani 
(Child Attended 2017-2019)


Our family feels blessed to be a part of the Willow Cottage community.  The carers are warm, loving and protective.  They encourage all of the children in their care to do the very best they can, whilst also teaching them to be kind and empathetic to their friends.

They have given our eldest child all of the tools she needs to be ready for school in 2020 - an eagerness to learn, kindness and sky high self-confidence thanks to the nurturing environment they created.

Thank you, Willow Cottage.

- Emma
(Child attended 2015 to 2019)


Our children both attended Willow Cottage from 12 month of age through to the end of Pre-School. We could not have loved our time at Willow more. The care provided by all of the educators was completely outstanding – they cared for our children as if they were their own and they were each extremely well prepared for school following their pre-school program. There were many tears shed when it was time to say goodbye to Willow Cottage, it will forever hold a very special place in the hearts of our family.

  - Felicity
 ( Children attended Willow 2010 to 2017)


Willow Cottage is a beautiful nurturing centre.  Gerry, Katie and the girls are so amazing.  Every time I dropped off Sam, I knew he was going to have a great day.  The girls have so much love to give.  They not only taught them but they let the kids grow.  Willow Cottage was like our second home.  We miss Willow Cottage everyday

  - Kay
     (Child attended 2015-2017)



My son (Archie) was lucky enough to attend Willow Cottage from the age of 12 months until he went to school. 

Willow Cottage provided us with peace of mind every single day.  It was a safe and engaging environment with caring and nurturing staff where Archie could have fun with his friends. Many of the friendship bonds formed at Willow have remained over the 4 years since graduating from Willow and attending different schools. 

We can’t recommend Willow Cottage and its team highly enough, it was one of the best decisions we made to send Archie there. 

 - Gillian
      (Child attended 2010 to 2014)


Willow is such a special place and we are so lucky to have been a part of the wonderful Willow community for 6 happy years. 

The boys settled quickly, were happy at drop off and usually impossible to drag away at the end of the day! 
We always felt supported in our parenting by the Willow staff. 
I appreciated that the staff always took time to tell us about the boys day and funny anecdotes of what they’d got up to. 

Some of my favourite artworks are Willow creations! 

The synergy of genuinely caring staff (many the same throughout our entire time), a nurturing environment, thoughtful and varied activities and so much fun play all combined to provide our boys with fantastic, secure and happy care in their early years. 

Willow is so much more than just a daycare - we joined for care but left with fantastic life-long friends. 

The days are long but the years fly by - Willow will always hold such treasured memories for us.

             - Jenn and Nick
                   (Children attended 2011 to 2017)


 I can’t recommend Willow Cottage highly enough. A beautiful, nurturing and caring environment for young children where the staff are committed to the best care and education of your precious little one. My son, Paddy, attended Willow Cottage from the age of 3 until 5, he flourished at Willow, it was lovely to watch him grow and develop over his time there.

 The staff are outstanding, they know each child and family personally. The dedication to the care of each child is exceptional and they consistently offer a warm, home-like environment where a personalised approach to prioritised.

  - Kate
   (Child attended 2013 to 2016)


We absolutely loved our experience at Willow Cottage, Gerry and the team looked after our child and family so well.

It was such a warm, friendly and professional place especially with being new parents.

We just wish we could have stayed on with our next child although unfortunately had to move from the area.

I was recommended to Willow Cottage by a local friend and now I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

       - Lisa
             (Child attended 2015)


Willow Cottage really was home away from home for our girls for four years. The teachers are caring and wonderful, welcoming us with smiles every day. Our girls loved their time there from the baby room all the way to the pre-school room. It is a very special place, and the Willow team really feel like an extended family

 - Daniela
     (Children attended 2014 - 2018)


My son attended Willow Cottage in 2017/2018. He loved his time there so much. The staff were caring and attentive and the activities the kids participated in were inspiring and engaging. We saw him really blossom in confidence and creativity over the two years. We will miss Willow Cottage dearly. 
  - Briony
     (Child attended 2017-2018)


We can never thank the staff at Willow Cottage enough for the creative, caring early learning environment they provided for our daughter from the time she was 2 years old. She loved the staff to bits, and so did we! The sense of community that was fostered by Gerry and her team was really special and supported us all through those early childhood years. 

 - Kathleen  
(Child attended 2012-2015)