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At Willow Cottage we provide a caring, nurturing, homely environment, where children feel safe and secure. We believe that if children are nurtured, they can thrive. 

Every child is an individual and they are encouraged to develop at their own pace, through personalised programmes, that cater for different learning styles. Children are directly involved in their own education through decision making and personal contributions. We encourage childrens' independence, as well as working co operatively with peers and adults in groups, within a climate free of cultural or gender bias. Our daily routine is a balance of planned activities and experiences, and spontaniety.

It is important for us to include families and communities as part of learning.  This enriches our curriculum, and allows families to reinforce learning experiences.

Our educators are approachable and professional, and we offer ongoing training to support their development. We have an open door policy, that promotes communication and good relationships with our familes.